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Life-Altering Experience

Adrianne gives her audiences the secrets to success…

Adrianne has a very unique, interactive mission to share with the world:
The secret to creating Rockstar Confidence™ is within all of us and she has evidence to prove it.

Live Events

As a media personality, public relations specialist and publisher, Adrianne’s unique skill set ensures that her live events are an unforgettable experience. It is her rockstar production team, in tandem with Adrianne’s creative, that produces a customized, interactive, rockstar show! This
allows her to better serve and support her global clients.

For more information contact us via email, call or text. We will book a discovery call for us to customize your needs.



I’m Adrianne Fekete

Hello Friends,

For the last two decades I am honoured to be one of the most sought-after industry keynote speaker and media personality, who often mixes life-changing, evidence-based context with a side of humour. I partner with my clients to customize every event. This ensures that your purpose, brand and strategy is crystal clear.

Are you wanting to motivate a small sales force or a large event, an athlete or a team, a musician or a band, an actor or production crew an individual or Fortune 500 executives on a retreat? With evidence-based techniques, Adrianne delivers a custom experience that shows her audience how to create rockstar confidence and change.


A Virtual Event Like No

Using selfie videos from your audience, she customizes her message to meet your audience exactly where they are, and Mel’s team handles the production and video editing from end-to-end.

Having created and taught courses to over a million students online, as well as being one of the most-booked speakers of the last two years during this virtual environment, Mel understands what it takes to create a surprising and entertaining virtual learning experience.