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I Am Unbreakable™ Magazine Culture

The I Am Unbreakable™ culture is that of authenticity, resilience and kindness, regardless of gender or outside influences. Simply put, this inclusive community of fearless leaders share their unfiltered stories about their dirt road to personal and professional success, while never giving up on their dreams because…THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE STORY.

Rockstar an adjective……Def: authentic, fearless, resilient, unconventional, candid, internally-focused, courageous, driven, loyal & full of grace.

Rockstar individuals share their real life stories, candidly and totally unfiltered. Experience their journey, how they got through obstacles, and never gave up on their dreams. These inspiring stories are meant to encourage, support and inspire you, while empowering those wanting knowledge, healing and hope.

While many amazing women before our time were breaking glass ceilings even before the term was used, they knew it would take an army of rockstar women to create inclusivity and diversity. So they called out to ALL women to rebuild a strong, sturdy glass stage which was filled with the colours of the rainbow, so we could ALL celebrate breaking the bias, while dancing on them hand-in-hand, stronger than ever.

With boots on the ground, we see a lot of trauma, hopelessness and pain. Our focus has always been to lead by example, while demonstrating a kindness culture, within our community. My investigation agency, Star Quality Private Investigations® is an ally involved in various municipal, federal and provincial advocacy awareness initiatives surrounding social challenges.

With a grassroots approach, SQPI® leads by example and embodies a culture where “no one gets left behind, you are not alone and we are all in this together.” Our mission is to donating essential needs and services directly to families whose lives have been negatively impacted due to major life trauma’s. “We have hundreds of people a year who call us for help due to various life altering reasons. I felt a personal responsibility to make sure people don’t feel that they are alone during such life altering times. I hope our initiates will ignite change within our communities.“ Star Quality Private Investigations® mission to give back directly to individuals stems from the 911-like calls that pour in daily. By the time they get around to calling us for help, their families, professional life as well as their safety is at risk, we are often their last, emergency call. Our focus has been on those who are dealing with loved ones suffering from mental health struggles, children and youth vulnerable to abuse, domestic violence, divorce, child custody, as well as senior wellness and abuse.

These individuals needed SQPI® to bring evidence to light with law enforcement, children’s support agencies, hospitals, medical care providers as well as provincial and federal courts.

We are so grateful that these families situations were positively impacted due to the outstanding work of our private investigators, who are all former law enforcement detectives. Their guidance, expertise and support delivered evidence that has protected several individuals ranging from under 1 month to 102 years old.

Launching these initiative, in tandem with the I Am Unbreakable™ Magazine has allowed me to live my dream of serving others on a larger scale. Through unfiltered storytelling, others share their dirt road to success as well as their unconventional methods of overcoming obstacles. The projected plan for 2023, is to assist as many individuals and families as possible. We hope our mission is contagious and as a rockstar community, we create positive change.

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