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Central to our core mission is an unwavering commitment to magnifying voices that inspire, enlighten, and make a difference, acting as a formidable beacon for women and individuals of all backgrounds across the globe. With a focus on curated content and captivating narratives, we strive to empower by giving prominence to their stories, challenges, and extraordinary triumphs.

The I Am Unbreakable® Magazine April 2024

Dr. Jen Welter, First Female Coach in the NFL, Scores A Touchdown as the Cover Story for the I Am Unbreakable® Magazine

Rockstars are not just musicians, they play football too. Empowered women empowering women, goes far beyond the lighted stage.

Dr. Jen Welter a popular US football coach, and her claim to fame – through hard work and dedication – was being tapped with the role as a defensive coach for the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals, making her the first ever female coach in the NFL.

“I am honoured to be recognized as a woman of impact and featured on the cover of I Am Unbreakable® Magazine. Throughout my career I have been unwavering in my commitment to lead by example, while empowering girls and women to follow their dreams. Being featured in this publication amplifies my message and impact on women globally,” says Dr. Welter.

She is a rockstar who is dedicated to empowering future leaders through her camps, speaking engagements and community involvement. Her passion is to ignite and unlock the possibilities of sports for the next generation of women, while paving the way where women’s voices and talent are recognized and celebrated.

The I Am Unbreakable® Magazine January 2024

High Profile Rockstar Podcast I Am Unbreakable® Launches A Global One-Of-A-Kind Magazine Where Empowered Women Empower Women.

The I Am Unbreakable® culture represents a community of fearless, resilient leaders who share their authentic, unfiltered stories about their dirt road to personal and professional success with their powerhouse mindset. Simply put, they always followed their dreams, regardless of obstacles or outside influences, because THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE STORY. That is where confidence starts!

The uniqueness comes from the diversity of the contributors, their industry background, and their experiences. “As we gear up to unleash the one-of-a-kind playbook, we wanted you to know that these contributors, from all over the world, in every industry, are coming together for one common mission. To be a part of the solution because empowered women, empower women,” says Adrianne.

Our mission is to empower women to exceed their own expectations, whether they are founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, leading a ground-breaking venture or creating positive change within their community or organization, movement forward is movement. We are dedicated to supporting women to unlock their full superpower potential while inspiring them to be the rockstar they were born to be.

This publication is a space within a supportive and inclusive platform that amplifies a woman’s voice, their perspectives, experiences, and achievements. Through education, advocacy, and community building, we will be part of the solution. By encouraging women to embrace their strengths, cultivate their talents, and speak out confidently, we aim to create a world where every woman can freely express herself, shape her own narrative, and inspire positive change.

The I Am Unbreakable® movement is revolutionizing how women’s voices are celebrated and heard worldwide.

The I Am Unbreakable® Magazine July 2024

Launch Date: July 2024

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The Highly Evolved Woman

We are looking for women who believe in the power of their dreams… and in having the courage to go after them.
Because, when we have the audacity to dream big…
we become limitless.
This collaborative book was designed to empower young women and girls everywhere. Being a dreamer does not end when we grow up.
In fact, our dreams become bigger.

Launch Date: October 2024