The Power of Story Telling in Life and Business

The Power of Story Telling in Life and Business;

We Can All Learn Through Sharing Stories
Storytelling is an ancient tradition that spans centuries, cultures, and geographies. Some of our oldest histories were relayed through generations using oral recitations – the stories of the Bible, which were passed along for 1,500 years. These happenings were passed from generation to generation until they were eventually documented with ink and paper.

Oral storytelling, whether fact or fiction, was a form of entertainment many people enjoyed throughout history. Epic poems, plays, legends, and tall tales were all presented through engaging and colorful language, sometimes with costumes, characters, or music.

Telling stories was also how families shared their history, describing their ancestors and critical moments in time. Before the evolution of, research platforms, or libraries, this was the only way to truly know and understand your roots. And without these stories, some people may never know exactly where they came from.

What stories have helped to shape your life?

Teaching Lessons Through Stories
When you were a child, your parents probably used stories as a method of teaching you moral lessons, like:

●      The Value of Honesty
●      Do Not Judge Others
●      Be Forgiving
●      Have Patience
●      Share
●      Do Not Cheat

These were important lessons learned for any child, and parents and teachers used stories like those in Aesop’s Fables to build connections, entertain and grow empathy for the poor and mistreated.

Storytelling in Business
As an adult, you may be surprised to hear stories being shared in the workplace setting. Yet, storytelling is a prevalent tool used by leaders to influence, teach and inspire employees to do their best work.
It’s no wonder leaders turn to stories when teaching lessons – psychologist Peg Neuhauser found that a well-told story is remembered more accurately and for longer than simply presented facts and figures.

Storytelling is also helpful when trying to cross a diverse workforce’s cultural, historical, and value-based barriers. Examples of lessons learned through storytelling in the workplace could include:

● How To Serve Customers
●  The Importance of Productivity
●  The Importance of Confidentiality
● How to Appreciate Differences of Opinion
● How to Act Ethically

Storytelling As Motivation
The I Am Unbreakable® culture is that of authenticity, resilience and kindness, regardless of gender or outside influences. Simply put, this inclusive community of fearless leaders share their unfiltered stories about their dirt road to personal and professional success, while never giving up on their dreams because…THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE STORY.

Rockstar individuals share their real life stories, candidly and totally unfiltered. Experience their journey, how they got through obstacles, and never gave up on their dreams. These inspiring stories are meant to encourage, support and inspire you, while empowering those wanting knowledge, healing and hope.

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