Hi, I’m Adrianne

Hi, I’m Adrianne

8X Founder| Media | Forbes Council | Rolling Stone Council | Keynote Speaker | Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Publisher | Podcaster | Rockstar Confidence® Creator

My name is Adrianne. I am an 8X founder, nationally recognized speaker, publisher, award-winning serial entrepreneur, a thought leader and a trust behavioural expert.

As the founder of I Am Unbreakable® Global Media, my mission is to elevate and empower women to exceed their own expectations. Whether they are a founder, entrepreneur, CEO, trailblazer, disruptor, leading a ground-breaking venture, or creating positive change within their community or organization, everyone and every industry is welcome. I am dedicated to supporting women to unlock their full, superpower potential, while inspiring them to be the rockstar they were born to be.

For over two decades, I have had the privilege of serving as a confidence creator to thousands of individuals, communities and businesses. When I am not creating Rockstar Confidence® you will find me on a stage speaking about hot topics surrounding empowerment, entrepreneurship, leadership, relationships, vulnerability, forgiveness and trust.

As the first female in North America to own a private investigation and security agency, I know firsthand what it is like to be a human in a non-traditional industry. I believe it is the combination of a fearless mindset, resilience, and an old-school work ethic that led to my success. Every person brings value to every industry, enhancing innovation, growth and sustainability.

My goal for the media platforms is to hold space within a supportive, inclusive platform that amplifies a woman's voice, legacy, perspectives, experiences and achievements. Through education, advocacy, and community building, we become part of the solution. By encouraging women to embrace their strengths, cultivate their talents, and speak out confidently, we aim to create a world where every woman can freely express herself, shape her own narrative, and inspire positive change. Their footprint and impact matter!

Fellas, we have not forgotten you!! How can we? There are so many outstanding men who deserve to be celebrated too! Championing is essential for women’s leadership success because they will rise further and faster, when they know the men in their lives have got their backs.

The I Am Unbreakable® culture represents a community of fearless, resilient human leaders who share their authentic, unfiltered stories about their dirt road to personal and professional success with their powerhouse mindset. Simply put, they always followed their dreams, regardless of obstacles or outside influences, because THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE STORY. That is where resilience and confidence start!

We are so fortunate that we get to rewrite the next chapter and define what power we give the last one.

I care deeply about serving others, mental health awareness, and animal welfare. I am a woman who elevates, empowers and collaborates because empowered women empower women.

Remember my three favourite words…YES YOU CAN!

Adrianne xo

I Am Unbreakable® Global Media is an impact powerhouse collaborative community of fearless, resilient leaders who share their authentic, unfiltered stories about their dirt road to personal and professional success. Simply put, regardless of gender and obstacles, they always followed their dreams. They are here today because THE STRUGGLE IS PART OF THE STORY...This is where RESILIENCE & CONFIDENCE are born!

Adrianne Has A Ph.D In Life Experiences:

My firm belief is that serving, inspiring and lifting others is my superpower. Founding I Am Unbreakable® has allowed me to follow my dream of serving others on a larger scale. This kind of work had a profound effect on my growth, expertise and my journey. I recognized a profound need for support, belonging and resources.

Sharing our confidence impact with our loyal community, on a safe platform for all voices, is at the core of our mission.

Take steps toward living your best life. Let the experiences and wisdom of your Rockstar Team show you how.

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