2024 Girl Power Continues to Crush It with Launch of New Magazine

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“This publication is a space within a supportive and inclusive platform that amplifies a woman’s voice, their perspectives, experiences, and achievements.”— Adrianne Fekete, Founder of the I Am Unbreakable® Global Media brand

The waiting game is over. The time has come. 2023 was definitely the year of the girl and launching the I Am Unbreakable® Magazine is evidence that 2024 Girl Power will continue to crush it in business, sports, entertainment, boardrooms and many other fields.

This year will supersede the last. Looking at the work of incredible women like Angela Bassett, Megan Rapinoe, Cate Blanchett, Quinta Brunson and Ayisha Siddiqa, who are using their voices to influence change and fight for a more equal world. These 2023 Times Women of the Year winners are harnessing their influence to create significant impact in their respective communities and fields. And let us not forget the Barbie movie that has taken the world by storm.

The I Am Unbreakable® community, encompassing the podcast, magazine, speakers, and events, stands united in its commitment to amplifying voices that create a positive impact worldwide. These are the voices of outstanding thought leaders, change-makers and disruptors who are passionate about leadership, equality, mentorship, and social influence.

The I Am Unbreakable® Magazine is another avenue within the community to share their authentic and unfiltered journeys to personal and professional success.

The uniqueness of this publication comes from the diversity of the contributors, their industry background and their experiences. The contributors are some of the most influential leaders who wrote a playbook for today’s women in business. They demonstrate resilience, exemplary leadership, while always remaining true to their vision and themselves.

“As we launch the first issue of this one-of-a-kind playbook, we want the audience to know that these contributors are from all over the world, in every industry and are coming together for one common mission: To be a part of the solution, because empowered women, empower women,” says Adrianne Fekete, Founder of the I Am Unbreakable® Global Media brand.

“Our mission is to empower women to exceed their own expectations, whether they are founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, leading a ground-breaking venture or creating positive change within their community or organization; movement forward is movement. We are dedicated to supporting women to unlock their full superpower potential while inspiring them to be the rockstar they were born to be,” explains Fekete.

“This publication is a space within a supportive and inclusive platform that amplifies a woman’s voice, their perspectives, experiences, and achievements. Through education, advocacy, and community building, we will be part of the solution. By encouraging women to embrace their strengths, cultivate their talents, and speak out confidently, we create a world where every woman can be seen, recognized, achieve financial success, as well as shape her own narrative, while inspiring positive change and making a broader impact,” adds Fekete.

The I Am Unbreakable® culture represents a community of fearless, resilient human leaders who share their authentic, unfiltered stories about the dirt road to personal and professional success with their powerhouse mindset. Simply put, they always followed their dreams, regardless of obstacles or outside influences, because the struggle is part of the story. That is where resilience and confidence start.

The I Am Unbreakable® movement is revolutionizing how women’s voices are celebrated and heard worldwide.

To learn more, visit the magazine online today: www.iamunbreakable.com/magazine/

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