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I Am Unbreakable®

We stand at the forefront of a transformative movement for women, forging connections and fostering collaboration among diverse communities worldwide. These communities are driving positive change for all females and making a lasting impact on society.

A unifying force that brings together impactful communities worldwide.

We empower and elevate legendary female thought leaders and their girl crews by providing a platform for inspiration, collaboration, and growth. Through fostering a community that celebrates diversity, innovation, and excellence, we aim to amplify the voices and impact of women who are shaping the future of our world. Together, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where ideas flourish, barriers are broken, and new possibilities emerge.

I Am Unbreakable® Magazine

At I Am Unbreakable® Global Media, we believe in the power of storytelling. Our featured leaders share their intimate stories to inspire others to unlock their full superpower potential and embrace the rockstar within. They embody a culture of fearlessness and resilience, sharing authentic narratives about their journey to success with a powerhouse mindset.

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We firmly believe in the strength of numbers, which is why we have assembled a pack of remarkable, rockstar women who are here to mentor, inspire and share their journey. They are in their own right a shining star, and together, we can support one another in our personal and professional growth.

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Central to our core mission is an unwavering commitment to magnifying voices that inspire, enlighten, and make a difference, acting as a formidable beacon for women and individuals of all backgrounds across the globe. We strive to empower by giving prominence to their stories, challenges, and extraordinary triumphs.

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Adrianne is spearheading a groundbreaking mission to empower a billion women with ROCKSTAR CONFIDENCE™ across the globe through her YES YOU CAN™ and GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING™ movement. Learn more about having Adrianne speak at your event. 

our founder

Hi I’m Adrianne Fekete

I am an 8X founder, international keynote speaker, award-winning publisher and entrepreneur, a thought leader, private investigator and a Rockstar Confidence™ Creator

As the founder of I Am Unbreakable® Global Media our mission is clear: to empower visionary women, foster impactful change, and celebrate unbreakable leadership through stories of resilience and empowerment. We are dedicated to being part of the solution in closing the gender gap by amplifying the voices of extraordinary leaders who are making a positive impact.

Impacting The World

“Thank You Adrianne Fekete for brining together such remarkable women!!! I Am Unbreakable® . I am truly grateful, honoured and appreciate being featured.”

– Dr. Monica Vermani

“I sincerely appreciate your leadership in advancing Women with Grit and look forward to your next I Am Unbreakable® Magazine.”

-Dr. Cindy Gordon

“YES – YOU CAN! YES, YOU HAVE and YES, YOU WILL! You have done remarkable things Adrianne and keep showing “limitless” potential and ability!”

– Rose Marie Gage

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While many amazing women before our time were breaking glass ceilings even before the term was used, they knew it would take an army of rockstar women to create a world of inclusion and diversity. So they called out to ALL women to rebuild a strong, sturdy glass stage which was filled with the colours of the rainbow, so we could ALL celebrate breaking the bias, while dancing on them hand-in-hand, stronger than ever.